The Focus Group Research Report is now available

We are pleased to share with you our latest research endeavor – the “Focus Group Research Report.” This report, a significant output of the PR1 phase within the ongoing RETOURN project, delves into the intricacies of constructing the Competence Framework for the Tourism Recovery sector.

Key Insights

  • Introduction and Aim: Understand the importance of professional training in tourism recovery, exploring the impact of natural disasters on the local tourism industry and identifying crucial training needs.
  • Methodology: A qualitative approach, employing multiple case studies and focus groups, to analyze the needs emerging from the tourism sector after natural disasters.
  • Course Design Process: Gain insights into the meticulous transition from research results to curriculum design, structural decisions, topic selection, and teaching approaches adopted by the RETOURN consortium.
  • Focus Group Structure: Discover the structure of the focus group discussions, covering pre-disaster reality, the situation during and after the disaster, reactions, and gaps experienced by tourism-related entities.

Methodological Highlights:

  • Methodological rigor in conducting focus groups across partner countries (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary).
  • A diverse panel of experts, managers, and SME entrepreneurs from the tourism sector, providing a comprehensive perspective.
  • Focus group discussions recorded, transcribed, and translated into English for comprehensive data analysis.

Immerse yourself in the rich insights provided by the “Focus Group Research Report.” Download the document from our website and join us in shaping the future of tourism recovery expertise.