The Desk Analysis Report is now available

Discover the essence of the RETOURN project as we unravel profound insights into tourism recovery post-natural disasters. Our latest desk analysis report illuminates a transformative approach to crisis management and sustainable tourism practices.

Delving into participant countries, the analysis underscores a growing demand for skilled professionals in disaster-afflicted tourism sectors. It identifies immediate needs in disaster management, emphasizing preparedness, staff training, and technological integration.

The project aspires to synthesize these skills, creating a versatile figure capable of navigating the complexities of crisis management. This envisioned figure boasts expertise in tourism dynamics, data analytics, stakeholder management, and crisis intervention.

Beyond conventional skills, our profile champions environmental analysis, stakeholder collaboration, and innovative product design. From understanding environments to coordinating stakeholders, our figure excels at monitoring territory activities, preserving heritage, and fostering sustainable development.

Navigate the intricacies of building relationships, organizing impactful meetings, and coordinating projects. Our figure is well-versed in regulatory nuances, quality standards, and the dynamics of tourist products, distribution channels, and sustainable development principles.

Transcending traditional roles, our figure excels in signal detection before and after disasters, adapting to new situations, and intervening globally across various domains, levels, and tools.

The report prompts critical questions:
Skills Enhancement or New Curriculum: Should we enhance existing figures or usher in a new curriculum?
Permanent Figure or Temporary Manager: Is the envisaged figure a permanent fixture or a dynamic manager for specific processes?

Dive into the complete “Desk Analysis Report” on our website. Join us in shaping the future of tourism recovery expertise.