Project results

RETOURN provides for the creation of a short-term mobility activity for trainers that can contribute to the qualification of VET trainers and the production in a transnational cooperation perspective of four Project Results such as: 

  • PR1 → Creation of the Competence Framework for Tourism Recovery Expert:
    The starting point is a common research in the partner’s contexts aimed at focusing, analyzing, economically evaluating and then identifying the skills that can be trained (and then know how to train throughout the professional activity), the related skills and way of acting.
    The output of this phase is the construction of the Competence Framework that fully understands the relevance of professional training in tourism recovery sector, with reference to the partners’ countries and to those areas in which VET institutions have suffered natural disasters, as well as major training programs in the EU that include modules on transformation of tourism as a fundamental part of the curriculum.
  • PR2 → Design of the structure of the new interdisciplinary teaching in Recovery Tourism after Natural Disaster and Elaboration of the contents of the Open Educational Resources:
    The partnership will design the structure of the training program and will process the contents in the form of Open Educational Resources, integrating the training materials with good practices and case studies developed for the management of post-natural disaster emergencies in not only in the European international contexts, but also including other areas of the world, since many of the available examples concern Asian contexts.
  • PR3 → Creation of online di platform and Open Research Resources:
    The objective is the development of an e-learning platform and contents so that professional tourism operators, teachers of vocational schools and other educators can enhance their specific skills. The e-learning platform, which will consist of up to 5 modules with 50 hours of learning content and joint training with teachers, lies on a special website that provides interactive and media tools that allows users to strengthen their skills.
  • PR4 → Piloting of the new training program, experiential lab and SWOT analysis post-natural disaster: 
    Due to the innovative nature of the training course, this will be tested on a panel of 65 individuals (20 IT, 15 GR, 15 SLO, 15 HU) who operate in the tourism sector or who lead companies and associations in the tourism professions, as operators and tourism managers. Tourists, tour guides and tour leaders, graduates and undergraduates in economics-tourism disciplines.
    Tangible outputs of this phase will be:
    • the collection of feedback from the participants, 
    • the use of 4 experiential tourism workshops delivered through the “serious game” teaching methodology, 
    • the creation of 4 SWOT analysis after natural disasters in the partnership territories, 
    • a narrative report that can guarantee the replicability and transferability of the adopted model also in other contexts.