Università degli Studi di Macerata

The University of Macerata (UniMC) was founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Over the years thousands of UniMc graduates have become distinguished professionals, entrepreneurs, leading public figures, educators, researchers: without any doubt, a bit of Italian, European and international history has been built by the alumni of UniMC. This glorious past is projected into the future and UniMc is strongly committed to innovation both in teaching and research: the focus on the humanities and social sciences is UniMC’s main strength, and “innovating through the humanities” is its motto. Those interested in Law, Political Science and International Relations, Economics and Business, Education, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Communication, Languages, Philosophy, and History, can find a perfect place at UniMc.
The University mission consists in increasing the value of a more than seven-century-long history dedicated to the merit and the quality of all the students, researchers, professors and technical-administrative staff; planning choices with commitment and intelligence; improving and promoting the results of research into the excellence areas; and expanding the international network to support the local development.


The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI is the largest VET provider in Greece and one of the 7 largest in Europe. It was founded back in 1989 and today is active in 7 cities across Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Crete, Larissa, Rhodes, Chalkida) representing almost 60% of the total VET sector in the country providing post-secondary education, for EQF levels 3-5. Every year, approximately 14.600 active students are enrolled with the aim of studying one of the 107 specialties, in more than 340 laboratories in 14 different sectors within more than 37.500 m2 of infrastructure across the country. The fields of study in the campuses of Athens are numerous and in all of them, AKMI gives the students tools to collaborate and problem-solve, brainstorm, and reflect. Excellency has been proven for AKMI S.A. multiple times with International and National Awards, including:    

  • Golden Award for Facility Design and Laboratory Excellence     
  • Golden Award for providing access to the labor market services in the 2017 Education Business Awards

The permanent administrative staff of the AKMI institution is 170 professional individuals, with expertise to inspire educators and academic staff recognized for their innovative research and teaching standards, thus forming a highly-motivated community in the Institute.  Another important fact for AKMI is that it is the only National Contact Point of European Vocational Skills Week in Greece, from 2020, an annual initiative of the European Commission that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of Vocational Education and Training across Europe.

Associazione Culturale PEPE LAB

Pepe Lab is a non-profit association founded in 2013 within the creative agency of Tonidigrigio. It seeks to design, organize, and promote workshops and events that generate innovative actions and transversal pathways.
Pepe Lab consists of a heterogeneous and open team of professionals and it creates collaborations and networks at regional, national and international level. The association’s aim is to develop relationships that put creativity and culture at the service of communities in the social, health, educational, entrepreneurial, and territorial fields through the promotion of contamination.
Pepe Lab believes in the contamination between areas in order to create new perspectives and meaningful experiences for communities and the territory. It has defined and developed 30 socio-cultural and educational projects through contemporary languages. Pepe Lab collaborates, develops, and manages training activities with public and private institutions such as universities and schools, companies, associations and citizens, generating innovative actions and promoting co-planning, participation and transversal pathways. Pepe Lab works in a fertile field nourished by art, contemporary visual languages, culture and communication.

Ellino-Italiko Epimelitirio

The Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit Organization founded in 1996 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, it is part of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad network, which counts 140 offices in 54 countries of the world (including Israel), and is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.
First established as a Chamber of Commerce dedicated to promoting trade exchanges between Greece and Italy. Now counts more than 500 members, from Greece and Italy, in various sectors (tourism, gastronomy, agriculture, winery, energy, technology etc.) GICC has 5 paid staff and 2 trainees/learners.
For its primary goal, GICC provides specialized services such as market research, assistance for the internationalization of SMEs, seminars, business meeting, information and alerts on investments opportunities, but with its crucial position and its important network, GICC has developed solid competences and know-how on EU policies and has founded the European Desk, which has been operating successfully for more than 10 years. GICC has a long experience in implementing EU projects focused on vocational training, capacity building of NGOs, entrepreneurship, and territorial cooperation.

Europe Unlimited e.V.

The non-profit association Europe Unlimited e.V. was founded in 2015 with the aim of designing, implementing and testing measures and actions that can serve to break down prejudices and borders among people of all walks of life and ages through understanding, encounters and intercultural learning, and to enable cross-border cultural exchange at the European level.
Europe Unlimited sees its role and its special strength in bringing together experts from different fields under a common roof in order to be able to use their complementary expertise optimally in the sense of the statutory goals. The interest of Europe Unlimited and its members in the implementation of European funding projects arises from the great challenges that politics and society have to deal with in today’s world.
The members see themselves as a link between society, people in precarious situations and the economy and would like to consciously make an active contribution to improving social integration with their competencies, access and knowledge.

Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije Center Za Poslovno Usposabljanje

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education (CPU) is the closest educational institution to the Slovenian economy. The Institute for business education has a special place among educational institutions in Slovenia. Through its direct connection with the economy, it connects educational processes with the dynamic development of the economy. It has the longest tradition among educational institutions in the field of adult business training. It is a creative partner in various projects of CCI, Employment Service of Slovenia and reliable partners in several EU projects.
The Institute provides its participants with quality program content based on the needs of the economy and on practical experience. They gain crucial knowledge for their career breakthrough.

Trebag Szellemi Tulajdon – Es Projektmenedzser Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag

TREBAG Ltd was founded as a German and Hungarian joint venture in 1989. The majority owner was TREBAG Treuhand und Beratung AG of Munich. In the early 90s the present owners bought out the company and since then these two Hungarian people are the owners of the Ltd. In the first years we provided management consultancy in cooperation with German colleagues. TREBAG’s scope of activities included making development plans for the predecessors of the Ministry for National Economy primarily in the areas of quality management, innovation, cluster/virtual companies, e-economy, entrepreneurial, and industrial/innovation/science parks. Since 1995 it has been dealing with research and development with main focus on internet content development and application of the Internet. It has been developing training materials, especially e-learning materials since 2000. During this work TREBAG has been involved in numerous projects in the frameworks of research and lifelong learning of the European Union. It has given consultancy on R+D+I management since 2005 for a high number of companies and It has already had a lot of companies and corporations as clients in this field. In 2005 TREBAG was approved for the eFestival prize and in 2006 it was given the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize in CEBIT.

Umbria Chamber Of Commerce

The Umbria Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture is a Public Entity, it holds and manages the public register of companies consisting of more than 94.000 companies. Its public mission is to enhance the local economy and to represent businesses, safeguarding their interests and creating favorable conditions for their development. The Chamber provides several services to entrepreneurs such as business consultancy, training, advice; provides infos on macroeconomic data, business start-up, financing sources, opportunities on international markets, IP and consumers’ protection.
The Chamber designs innovative supporting measures for local businesses to fight unemployment especially in younger generations including NEETs, involving local stakeholders, and realizes activities to help companies growing in the international markets providing support and training. In the digitalization field, it is one of the National Digital Business Points authorized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to help companies to develop in the digitalization of their business.
The Chamber manages several projects in the field of tourism development thanks to the participation in ISNART, National Institute for Researches on Tourism; some projects realized: quality certifications for companies of the tourism sector, training, big data analysis for tourism observatory; enhancing the cultural asset and tourism in the Region. It managed several national and EU funded projects related to MSMEs, innovation, tourism, digitalization, and training on entrepreneurship and for the VET sector.

Univerza V Mariboru

The University of Maribor was established in 1975. With its 17 Faculties, the University Library Maribor and the Student Dormitories, it is the second largest and second oldest university in Slovenia with a long tradition. During these years, it became a successful scientific institution, the primary mission and guiding principle of which is the dissemination and enrichment of knowledge. It is rapidly developing new areas of activity, testing new study methods and seeking new ways of integrating with its environment.
Interdisciplinarity is highly valued, as its faculties cover the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, medicine, biotechnology, social sciences, humanities and other sciences. By creating a working environment that encourages academic freedom, the University of Maribor wants to encourage the achievement of top scientific and artistic achievements.
Special attention is also paid to the involvement of students in research work and decision-making bodies as well as to the cooperation with the economy both in the field of knowledge and technology transfer into practice as well as in the field of connecting and networking students and graduates with employers in terms of transition to the labor market. The University of Maribor is an institution offering numerous career development opportunities. Graduates, researchers and professors are successful on the domestic and world stage.