Curriculum Design Report is available

We are excited to announce the release of our latest document, the “Curriculum Design Report,” now available for download on our website. This comprehensive report, part of the ongoing RETOURN project, delves into the meticulous planning and development of the training program, focusing on tourism recovery after natural disasters.

Key Highlights

  • Project Results (PR2): Learn about the intricacies of designing the interdisciplinary teaching structure and crafting Open Educational Resources for Tourism Recovery Experts.
  • Timeline and Development Steps: Explore the journey from validation meetings to the finalization of module content, including key milestones and collaborative efforts.
  • Course Design Process: Gain insights into the meticulous transition from research results to curriculum design, structural decisions, topic selection, and teaching approaches adopted by the RETOURN consortium.
  • Teaching Approaches: Discover the blend of live and online lectures, workshops, and experiential learning methods employed to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

Course Design Highlights

  • Five General Topics: Support to emergency first response, Recovery marketing strategy, Destination management after disaster, Ethical and sustainable tourism, Recovery communication.
  • Flexible Learning: Modules designed for both online and in-class activities, allowing adaptability in vocational training and higher education contexts.
  • Assessment Methods: Understand the automated evaluation process and the development of assessment quizzes for participant success.

Join us in this educational journey by downloading the “Curriculum Design Report” today! Your engagement is crucial as we continue to shape the future of tourism recovery expertise.


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