The final conference of the Return project at the University of Macerata is coming soon!

Macerata – The Department of Economics and Law of the University of Macerata, leader of the Retourn project (Reactivating Tourism after a Natural Disaster), financed by the European Union in the Erasmus+ axis, is hosting the final conference of the project on May 9th.

In the Economics and Law building of UNIMC, in Piazza Strambi, just inaugurated after the restoration due to the 2016-2017 earthquakes, the conference will start at 2pm and will be accessible both in person and online. Illustrious guests on the national scene will speak: Giambattista Tofoni, co-founder of Risorgimarche, the ethical and sustainable music festival born following the 2016-2017 earthquakes of Central Italy, to bring music to landscapes affected by disaster, Emanuele Vietina, director of Luccacrea, organization of the well-known festival Lucca Comics, dedicated to comics, animation and video games, which in the last edition was affected by flooding, Rosaria Del Balzo Ruiti, representative of the Italian Red Cross, and finally Domenico Baratto, director of WEGA Formazione, active in various territorial and post-disaster reconstruction.

This will be followed by interventions by professors and researchers on the issues of Dark Tourism with Marina Gigliotti of the University of Perugia, Eleonora Cutrini and Mara Cerquetti of the University of Macerata, for the resilience of museum structures in the post-disaster, and finally Davide Di Marcoberardino, from the Polytechnic University of Marche for the impacts of the disaster on the territorial economic system with the case of the 2022 Marche flood.

The speakers will summarize, together with the project partners, associations, businesses, institutions, teachers who will speak, the ideas, experiences and difficulties that are an expression of the territories afflicted by disaster in order to set in motion the reconstruction of these destinations and allow them not to only recovery, but development in an innovative, ethical and sustainable way. Don’t miss it!
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